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3-2-1 - Launch of Aaron Harrington's Multiverse

I'm super excited and inspired to be launching 2 creative rocket ships today!

Their mission is to explore the dark depressing void that is our human existence.

April Fools :-D

The true mission is to create and explore the infinite creative multiverse that is my wildly weird imagination.

And it's so fitting that I'm launching them on April Fools Day, because really my mission is to simply have fun and be a fool.

April Fools Day Everyday.

Launch 1 - Aaron Harrington's Multiverse

I create Interactive Art, Stand Up Comedy and a Variety of Video Content. Throughout my life I have created so many different collections of content I realized I could create my own streaming service with all of it.

So here it is, the maniacal Multiverse that is my life.

Please support my multiverse of creative weirdness, by becoming a Patron.

As a thank you for your support I'm giving you access to everything I create in my entire creative multiverse!

Just go to the Patrons tab on the menu.

Thank You for keeping my Multiverse popping,

Launch 2 -The 1st NFT Artwork by Aaron Harrington

This is a Super Unique NFT Artwork, marking the launch of my new website and it's my 1st NFT Image! These auctions are for full ownership of these digital assets and are an amazing opportunity to give my creative career a huge boost and get a Return On Investment on ownership of this unique milestone, as my career grows.

Give this Launch Rocket Fuel by sharing this post

and thank you for jumping on board for a wild ride through my multiverse.

: -D Aaron

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