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9/12/21 at Museum of Interactive Art

9/12/21 Austyn and Anna's visit to the Museum of Interactive Art.

Looking for Creative Fun for the Whole Family in Santa Fe?

Touch, Make & Play with the Art at the Museum of Interactive Art (MoIA)

Reserve your visit and artist tour on my website-

Or on Airbnb Experiences

MoIA features fun exhibits for the whole family.

-Kids love the Build-A-Beast Toy Workshop and Cardboard Forts in the Art Activity room.

-Adults enjoy interacting with larger more thoughtful exhibits like the Tesseract Lightbox and PoeTree.

-And all ages love making 3D Self Portraits and playing with exhibits the Magnetic Collaborative Collage, Holographic Mirror and 3D Portraits.

-Creative Fun for the Whole Family.

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