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Order Your Custom 1-of-a-kind Tesseract Time Folds 784 possible unique double time fold. 

There are 3 options for investing in 1 of the 784 NFT Tesseract Double Time Folds

1. Make an offer on already minted TimeFolds -


2. Follow the instructions on the right to design your own Custom Tesseract Timefold.


3. Choose Random in the selections above and Add to Cart 


After ordering it will take up to 30 days to handcraft your custom Tesseract Timefold NFT. So, you are funding the creation of your NFT!


Learn More -


This NFT collection is created by Aaron Harrington using his physical interactive art exhibit,

 The Tesseract Lightbox 

which is on exhibit at the Museum of Interactive Art in Santa Fe NM. 


Welcome to this NFT collection from my Museum of Interactive Art. 

I’m Aaron Harrington and I create Interactive Art.


This NFT Collection is handcrafted by me using my interactive art exhibit The Tesseract Lightbox which has 28 images of moments in time, aka "time slices" that overlay each other to create unique compositions, aka "time folds." In my museum, visitors can take the art off the wall and layer the images inside a large lightbox. 


This is a collection of double time folds, which are 2 images overlaying each other. There are 784 possible unique combinations, as seen around your unique tesseract time fold at the center of the piece. 

The price of these 784 unique double time fold NFTs will rise as they get aquired. 

1-10 - $100

10-20 - $200

20-30 - $300

and so on...


This collection is made of the finite variety of double time folds made into these unique collectables. The Tesseract images look like a coin collection, each displaying the full collection with the 1-of-a-kind coin, you own, featured in the middle. 


The text bordering the collection is the art's conceptual background, a metaphysical journey through the creation of all my artwork and museum.


Please interact with this example on the left by clicking the full screen icon, then exploring by zooming in and out and swiping around, creating your own unique experience.


 My artwork naturally creates a steady flow of NFT content, through interactive generative art installations. 


My art is Interactive in that visitors are invited to play with these visually-dramatic exhibits, creating an endless variety of compositions. 

You can interact with this nft art piece by creating your own unique composition and then minting it into your own Tesseract Timefold NFT. 

Get Started Here 


My art is Generative because each of these pieces can generate endless variations, each of which can be minted into an NFT like this one. 


 All the art in my museum is created by me and I’m now expanding my art and museum into the nft space with deeply complex, maximalist images, like this, that can be interactively explored like a map of another dimension. 


As you can tell I’m a maximalist artist with endless creativity pouring out of me, which is perfect for the NFT space. 

My wellspring of creativity is like yellowstone’s old faithful, it’s a geyser.

But I’m an unknown artist with this 1 room museum,  so I’m like the guy who discovered yellowstone, I just need everyone to know there is an awesome geyser of creativity going off constantly in the middle of nowhere.


I’m a great opportunity for NFT collectors, like you, to take an artist with a large body of work from total obscurity to Christies, which will make your investment in this piece worth a lot more. 


Thank you for investing in this nft and bringing much needed prosperity to my interactive art, which will be used directly to make more interactive maximalist mind-blowing art like this.  

I look forward to interacting with you and joining your collection,


Aaron Harrington



Custom Tesseract Timefold NFT

  • 1. Go to this Interactive to interact with all the Time Slice images layering them into different Timefolds.

    2. When you find the combination you want, choose the combination's number in the menu above. If that combination is already minted it will be unselectable ensuring every NFT is unique.

    3. If you would like the excact rotation of the image send a screenshot of your compostion to, otherwise I will compose the rotation. 

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