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Site Structure/notes

  • Option 2 List each member area as a stand alone page Menu Items could be Free and Patron Only or 

  • Make pages with  video galleries 

  • Menu item is full on landing page with free sign up video player on top and then members area button 

  • connects to  member only with video gallery - must edit each video player on each page manually, but then I can just add new videos to channel. Pages are simply video player above sliders of all other content 

  • Con= no obvious way to move people from preview to full seamlessly

  • nonseamless Solution = just put button to full videos on channel on member only page. 

  • Blog = Use to create unique video links and share videos just use categories to create galleries for on screen  Interactive Art and other content.

  • option 1 - TRY setting up payment and see if it works and also consider uploading video directly. 

  • Paid channel doesn't work on youtube videos, so must do payment plans or upload 

  • Focus on video channels with no dynamic pages, just subscribe to channels

  • con= no writing photos or other media unless I add a blog below., but no other media on other streaming services. 



  • Add youtube videos, and need to sign up for it so need to sign up to view and maybe can see 1st 20 seconds. 

  • Add a button to the player to view the full video by joining with link to member-only page(and buy/rent for select releases)

  • (upload full video to buy/rent only for select releases)

  • Use member pages not pay for channels because then I can upload long videos to youtube and add photo galleries and other content

  • Home page has one 

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